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Unfolding Truth of Wormhole and Aliens

Paramshanti Scientists are working on worm hole Discovery…yet no interpretation is made confidently. Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel is been directed by the Supreme Father who acknowledges Bapuji about the Universe and Beyond. Have you ever wondered how do aliens visit other galaxies? The anwer is briefed by Bapuji: Warm hole is a hollow space made up Read More

May 03,2018

Param Gyan by Bapuji

YouTube Channel – In order to make sure His knowledge reaches far and wide and to make it easily available to people, Bapuji started his own YouTube channel by the name

Apr 28,2018

Time has come to meet your Seed

Temporary is the World and so are its pleasures, All will go from Here and so it’s Huge Treasures. We spend more than half of our lives in gathering materialistic things which we know will leave us one day.