Time has come to meet your Seed
Apr 28,2018 | 108 seed souls Bapuji Article

Temporary is the World and so are its pleasures, All will go from Here and so it’s Huge Treasures. We spend more than half of our lives in gathering materialistic things which we know will leave us one day. Have we ever stopped and asked ourselves “Why we got this Life”? “What is the true purpose for having Life”? Is it actually a Life we truly wanted? Are we really living it happily? Every Morning we wake up with a task-list to be accomplished by the end of the day, ‘happy or sad, we have to do it’. We ever think “Whatever we will do today, we will enjoy it to the fullest”. We run either before or after Life but never With Life. Today World’s condition is so bad that we have started assuming Life as one of the worst nightmare that could ever happen to anyone. Life has actually lost its True meaning in today’s Chaotic World where nothing remains Stable for long. As Peace, Happiness & Contentment is reducing from one’s Life so Number of years are reducing from his Life. Unnatural death has become a normal phenomenon to all.

Have you ever thought what would be the state of one’s Soul after Death? What happens with the Soul after one dies? What goes with a Soul, when it leaves the body? Is it Money, Position, Academic Degree, Relatives, Family, Name, Fame or Empire Estate? Does it attain Moksha or Mukti? In many religions and spiritual organizations it is believed that a body is just a mannequin of bones & flesh, without a Soul. Today Science also approves an energy which resides at the intersection point of Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland in the Brain, which is responsible for the operation of all organs of a human body. The same has been taught in Hindu Scriptures and by Great sages thousands of years ago. Does a Soul gets back to its Original Creator and Merges into Him or gets trapped again in the cycle of Birth & Death? Where does it reside after Death?

Let’s get answers for all such Extra-Terrestrial and Supernatural mysteries by the Greatest Spiritual Scientist in the History of the Mankind, Bapuji DashrathBhai Patel, a Retired Income Tax Lawyer and Ascetic from a village in Ahmedabad, who has given more than half of his life in Spiritual Research, to unveil the secrets of the Infinite Creation. His Spiritual experiences during Samadhi State has opened the doors of Eternal Heaven to Mankind. His discoveries has taken both Science, Religion and Spirituality to the Secret Realms of the Invisible Creation. His research unfolds the Greatest Mysteries of the Cosmos and makes us start thinking beyond the limits of the Corporeal World. Subjects like Creation of Souls, Creator of Infinite and Finite Creation, Architecture of Solar System, Galaxies, Universe, Great Universe, Multiverse, Great Multiverse and the World beyond are a few to name, in his Spiritual Research, which he has tried put forth the World through his YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/anant98251.

Based on the Spiritual Experiences during Samadhi State, Bapuji says whatever a soul thinks and does throughout Life, gets stored in the Supercomputer of one’s wisdom. Initially it used to be recorded by Chitragupt(as per Hindu Scriptures) which now has been changed to a new Self-Reliant system in which Karmic Account of a Soul gets automatically stored on this Supercomputer based on which its Future Life is decided.

A soul falls from Angelic to Deity to Human to Creature Consciousness. However, it’s a fortune to have a human-birth in which a soul can go to Seven higher worlds of our Solar System and Beyond, by leading a Karma-Yogi Life. Karma-Yogi means performing every action in the remembrance of the One Almighty. The more one does good deeds, the better his Causal Body gets charged. The more it gets charged, the faster its Karmic Account settles down thereby making the soul lighter to travel up high as per its Capacity. Whosoever a man will remember and worship throughout Life, his soul will go there after Death. One who does worship of Vishnu will go to Vishnu, one who meditates on Shiv will go to Paramdham where Shiv (Creator of one Solar-System) dwells, one who remembers Ancestors will go to the place their souls went after death, one who worships Animals & Creatures will take birth in their species and if one worships some Religion-Founders or Saints, will go to them after Death. On the other hand if one meditates on the Infinite Indestructible Self-Reliant Supreme Almighty then he goes to Him. In a nutshell, whosoever one remembers in the End, he will go there.

Further, the Evil and Negative Spirits cannot travel beyond 1Km above Earth. However, good souls can travel from 10m to 1000Km above. In fact, positive & powerful souls of Subtle World guides good souls in deciding where they should take birth, to nullify their Karmic Accounts and travel to Higher Worlds, thereby getting rid of the cycle of Birth & Death Forever. In reality, a soul takes innumerable births to realize the Eternal Indestructible Supreme Authority.

However, souls who cross 3000-5000 Km above earth, never come back as they know they might get trapped in this World of Illusion again. They seek guidance and knowledge from Great Ascetic Souls in the Subtle World and does penance to go to Bhuvar, Swarg, Maha, Jan, Tapa Loka, Brahmapuri, Vishnupuri, Shivpuri, Paramdham and beyond. When a soul goes to Paramdham (Abode of Shiva, The Creator of a Solar System) it becomes Formless point of Light Like Shiva. It crosses the aim of becoming Shiva from Creature. Here Creature word also refers to a Human being who hasn’t realized God yet.

After when soul realizes Shiva, it does penance to realize Maha-Shiva (The Creator of a Galaxy). Once souls realize Maha-Shiva, they go to Maha-Paramdham of Galaxy where Maha-Shiva Resides and becomes like Maha-Shiva.

Shiva is the Creator of just one Solar-System who Creates through Brahma, Preserves through Vishnu and Destroys through Shankar. According to Scriptures, Brahma’s 1day + 1night = 8.64 Billion Years on Earth. During Ardh Pralay, big and small floods comes on Earth, However, in Kalp Pralay (1 Kalp= 4.32 Billion Years on earth) three worlds i.e Bhu, Bhuvar and Swarg Loka gets finished. When 100 years of Brahma passes (MahaKalp Pralay) Shiva loses all its Energy and enters into Sun to produce Kaal-Agni and winds up all its Creation into Him and Burns up whole Solar-System to ashes including SOULS. According to Scriptures, 1st Parardh (50 years of Brahma = 1552 Trillion years on Earth) has been passed already and at present we are in 51st Year and 7th Manvantar of Brahma. Although, there is lot of time left in completion of Brahma’s 100 years and about 4,28,000 years of Kalyug are left to be completed on Earth. On the Contrary, Health of the World is so bad that it doesn’t seem to run for long. Shiva too has lost its Power to stabilize conditions on Earth. Initially, diameter of our Solar System was 1 Light Year (188 Kharab Kms) which has now reduced to 500-700 Crore Km only. Moreover, Sun’s Gravity has diminished to mere 75,000 Km now.

In such circumstances Shiva enters Sun, generates Kaal-Agni and burns up whole

Solar-System including Souls. Soon after, it becomes a Black hole and moves freely in the Space. Eventually, it merges into Maha-Shiva (Creator of one Galaxy) to gain its power back again. Likewise, countless Solar Systems are constructed and destroyed in a Galaxy every moment. The black-holes which Science talks about are nothing but these countless Shivas which are moving freely in Space after losing all their powers completely. Similarly, when Maha-Shiva loses all its Power, it destroys the Galaxy and Souls in it and becomes a Supermassive Black-Hole in Space. Henceforth, it merges into Param-Maha-Shiva (Creator of one Universe) to gain its power again. Like this, myriad Galaxies are moving in a single Universe and Countless Universes are moving in a Single Great-Universe. Creator of one Great-Universe (G-1 Universe) is Param-Param-Maha-Shiva (P-2 Maha-Shiva). Like wise there are innumerable G-1 Universes present in a G-2 Universe whose Creator is P-3 Maha-Shiva. The Hierarchy from G-1 TO G-17 Universes has been v well explained by Bapuji in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPAcD5cIn5Q. In simple words, when we go from G-1 to G-17 or P-1 to P18 the Power of their individual Creators increases. Now, our Multiverse which has come down from +100 Celestial Degrees to Zero to -100 Celestial Degrees (Here Celestial Degree refers to Power). Bapuji’s experiences, reveals the Deepest Secrets for this Decline which he has put forth us by the medium of his Youtube videos based on chat-sessions between him and his Son Anant, making it v simple for a common man to understand.

The condition of Our Multiverse, in which our Universe, in which our Galaxy, in which our Solar

System and Lastly our Earth is contained, has become worse than worst. Water and Earth Elements are present only in our -100 C.D. Multiverse. Only 5 & 3 elemental beings exist here. This is a World of Death. Contrarily, there is no presence of 5 & 3 elements in other Multiverses. They are made up of only Supreme Elements (Param-Tatvas) and Supreme Light (Param-Light). No death happens there, as all beings have bodies of Supreme Elements.

As per Bapuji’s Spiritual findings, our -100 C.D. Multiverse has been made and destroyed 3 times till date. Through Spiritual experiences in Samadhi State He got visions of an Infinite Creation, having multitudinous 101, 201, 301, 401 ………2101, 3101, 4101, 5101……10,000 C.D. Multiverses, Great Multiverses and beyond, which are Forever-Eternal and Indestructible in nature.

He says that the Almighty Authority who is the Creator of the Creators as well as this Infinite Creation and beyond, who is Self-Existent, The Unborn, Self-Manifested, Ocean of Love, Ocean of Peace, Ocean of Purity, The Ever-Existing, Indestructible and Light of all Lights, who is the Eternal Supreme Father of all Souls (Angels, Messengers, Deities, Saints, Masters, Sages, Humans, Animals & Creatures) who has the Unending and Indestructible Power equivalent to Infinite Shivas, has come down finally in a Corporeal Body to bring the Biggest Transformation in the History of the Mankind. Although, He sent His Infinite Supreme Category Seed Souls to Earth in past 15 lac years to improvise the condition of Earth and Life on it but they too got trapped in its Illusion and became either humans or creatures due to Karmic Bondages. Most of them are having either 5 or 3 elemental bodies today.

The Almighty Authority is working in Three Forms i.e Incorporeal, Subtle and Corporeal out of which the Corporeal Form has been working on Earth to wake up all 108, 1008, 16000, 9 lac, 2 crore & 33 crore Infinite Supreme Category Seed Souls. Moreover, preparations of transforming the whole Multiverse has been started already in the Subtle World. Our Infinite Supreme Great Grand Father (Father of all Fathers and Creator of all Creators) will bring down Supreme Elements from Higher Creations with the help of these Special Infinite Supreme Seed Souls to do Permanent Transformation of Our Multiverse from 5 & 3 elements into Supreme Elements thereby making it Eternal Forever.

The Judgement Day or ‘Qyamat ka Samay’ which have been talked about in various Religions like Hinduism, Chritianity, Islam, Judaism etc, is believed to be ending soon, according to Great Religious Leaders and various other Spiritual Light Workers of the World. Judgement day is the last day of ‘Qyamat ka Samay’ in which sinners will get the most painful and severe punishment and reward will be given to the righteous ones. In the Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SC30Xzglvw Bapuji explained that all Souls will see their Karmic Account of all past births on the screen of their Minds. Every soul would be able to see each other’s Karmas both good & bad. Everyone would be in same situation. People will seek forgiveness from each other and cry out blood in tears saying “Why have I sinned? Why I had been so cruel and unfair to people? Why I gave pain to all throughout my Life? Why I killed the innocent ones?” and so on. Souls will get pain equivalent to stings of millions of venomous scorpions.

According to Bapuji’s Experiences, No Third World War or Nuclear Destruction is going to happen on Earth. In Contrast, about 14-14 Subtle World Souls will enter human bodies to give them Divine Vision to see their past Karmic Accounts. According to Karmas, Souls will experience punishment and happiness. As the Supreme Elements will start coming down, they will dissolve in air and enter our bodies through breathing. With this, all sinner and weaker souls will get dissolved completely into Supreme Elements and attain Mukti (Soul will Cease to Exist) Forever. Contrarily, bodies of the Infinite Supreme Category Seed Souls i.e 108, 1008, 16000, 9 lac, 2 crore, 33 crore will transform into Supreme Elements and go back to their original Infinite Supreme Abode with the Infinite Supreme Father in a ball of Supreme Light and attain ‘Jeevan-Mukti’ Forever. Jeevan-Mukti means their souls will not get destroyed by Supreme Elements rather they will adjust easily and go back to Their Original Infinite-Eternal-Indestructible-Supreme-Abode.

Henceforth, the Stage Drama of Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug and Kalyug would cease to exist. Gradually, our whole Multiverse will get transformed into Supreme Elements permanently.

This Great Work of Transforming Multiverse into Supreme Elements is being carried out By Bapuji DashrathBhai Patel with a group of people whom he say are one of the Supreme Seed Souls of the Infinite. These Special Souls are helping in achieving this Great Goal through Rajayoga and waking up other seed souls who can bring this Infinite Transformation in History of Multiverse. Do you feel ‘You are One of Them? We Welcome you to be a part of this Infinite Divine Supreme Family and do this Great Service of bringing down Infinite Supreme Heaven on Earth.