Unfolding Truth of Wormhole and Aliens
May 03,2018 | Bapuji Article

Scientists are working on worm hole Discovery…yet no interpretation is made confidently. Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel is been directed by the Supreme Father who acknowledges Bapuji about the Universe and Beyond.
Have you ever wondered how do aliens visit other galaxies?
The anwer is briefed by Bapuji: Warm hole is a hollow space made up of infinite Power which acts as a lift or door leading to other galaxies. It is composed of 1% Supreme ( Air,Sky,Fire) elements. It works through the speed of our intentions or Sankalps.When you enter warm hole, your speed of intentions increases by trillions of times and one crosses the galaxy and galaxies within a fraction of a second. Aliens visit different galaxies through Warm Holes. Vehicles of Aliens are composed of air elements and in that air element traces of Supreme (air and water) elements are present. Therefore , these vehicles have infinite speed which can cover lakhs of light years in just a blink.
Aliens means devtas of subtle world with powers which we call magic. When aliens came to earth earlier (5th 6th century) they took birth as humans and had magical powers for one or two births. Therefore the Egyptians 2500 years ago were capable of doing magic because originally they were aliens and their soul had powers. Magic was not a profession at that time. They used magic to create gadgets, vehicles etc for their comfort. Even they were capable of giving birth to a child through Sankalps or their intentions as in the case of Pandavas and Draupadi (Mahabharat). Also Dragons were aliens. Aliens who were referred as Devtas were worshipped. Remember devtas used birds and animals as vehicles. They did so because they had enormous powers.
Aliens exist today too but they use human source as a medium instead of taking Birth themselves. They direct human souls from the subtle world ( as in the case of magicians​). Aliens build pyramids to absorb power from the universe into their souls so that they can set themselves free from the Earth and escape back to their original place.
There are many more hidden facts about the Aliens and their existence which Bapuji has explained us in his Videos. I request all the seekers to visit bapuji channel and find answers to your quest.
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