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Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel

Dashrathbhai Atmatmadas Patel, lovingly and respectfully called “Bapuji” is one of the spiritual luminaries of modern times. As he shuns publicity and so-called Guruhood, may be many people do not know him or have heard of him. He is a true seeker of the truth and divine Absolute Knowledge. He lives the life of a Read More

May 14,2018

Bapuji on Five Elements (Tattvas)

Bapuji says that earlier there was Param Prakash or Divine Light. We may call it Supreme Divine Radiance. In the initial stage there were no elements or tattvas. Five elemaental beings came into existence later. Param Prakash is not an element but it is a pure energy. So, basically the Absolute Authority is made only Read More

May 14,2018

समय की पहचान ।

मैं सभी भाई बहेनो को यहाँ बेहद के बाप का एक सन्देश देना चाहूंगी। अंतिम बेहद का समय शुरू हो गया है। अंतिम पुरुषार्थ है। अब समय आ गया है की सभी को बेहद के परमात्मा का परिचय दे दिया जाये और सबको इतना सन्देश दे दिया जाये की ऑलमाइटी अथॉरिटी (ALMIGHTY AUTHORITY) बेहद का Read More

May 14,2018

Which God is Yours

A person is never born fearful, he is made so by his well-wishers. Almost every child is taught to be like what his family’s religion is. A stamp, what makes him equivalent, loyal and respectful to those who #love him..! Nobody wait to ask that child, if he wants to be one of them. As Read More

May 14,2018

Divineness of White Light

Most of us must be thinking why Bapuji gives so much importance on focusing on White Light instead Red Here are some Scientific Spiritual Reasons why White Light always topped amongst all other colors White Light is the space within the Infinite Creation that houses Positive Energies. White Light is the space where “NO DARKNESS Read More

May 14,2018

Infinite Space and Everything within–By Bapuji

Let us now talk about the most important thing about the infinite of the infinite world. What exactly it is? The most basic question which people should be asking themselves is why is the science saying that the size of the universe is expanding?

Unfolding Truth of Wormhole and Aliens

Paramshanti Scientists are working on worm hole Discovery…yet no interpretation is made confidently. Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel is been directed by the Supreme Father who acknowledges Bapuji about the Universe and Beyond. Have you ever wondered how do aliens visit other galaxies? The anwer is briefed by Bapuji: Warm hole is a hollow space made up Read More

May 03,2018

Concept of Quantum Entanglement from the Divine Eyes of Bapuji

Quantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual objects may be spatially separated. This leads to correlations between observable physical properties of the systems. Bapuji explains that relation between the Creator and its Read More

May 03,2018

What is more powerful Bhagya (भाग्य) or Karma (कर्म) ?

In spiritual journey many questions come across by the traveller in which Action or Karma (कर्म) is an important aspect and its relation with Fate/fortune or Bhagya (भाग्य) is also very important.

May 03,2018

मृत्यु से अमर तक की रहस्य

सृष्टि एक रहस्य है और इस रहस्य को समझने के लिए कई गुरु, ऋषि, संत, फकीर, अवतार (हिंदू परंपरा में) समय-समय पर पृथ्वी पर आए थे। ऋषियों, मुनियों, संतों, अवतारों आदि द्वारा प्रसारित ज्ञान से मानव समाज बहुत ही उजागर हुआ है और समाज की संस्कृति तदनुसार परिवर्तन होता गेया।