Param Gyan by Bapuji
Apr 28,2018 | Bapuji Article

YouTube Channel – In order to make sure His knowledge reaches far and wide and to make it easily available to people, Bapuji started his own YouTube channel by the name ( Bapuji Dashrathbhai Pate) where in a vast collection of over 350 videos Bapuji has given answers to long standing mysteries of human existence with the help of His Divine vision which allows Him to time travel as well as travel throughout the Multiverses in his astral body.

Books – Bapuji’s knowledge has been spread across via various means including books. The famous book ‘AUM of All Things’ written by the renowned Author Mr. Ruzbeh Bhraucha which gives a detailed account of Bapuji’s knowledge is one of them.

Bapuji’s book ‘Our Alien Connection’ reveals our connection with the Aliens in our Ancient Past and fills up the gaps in our knowledge and understanding of this connection that have crept in overtime.

‘From the Heart of God’ this book reveals the vision of the Future World that has been planned for humanity by Bapuji. It gives details of His unique knowledge as well as the information about the transformation of the earth.

‘Anant koti brahmandon ka Mahakaal Pralay’ this book reveals the knowledge of the process of Creation and destruction of Solar systems and Universes.

Bapuji also regularly writes articles for ‘The Speaking Tree’, the famous spirituality website.

Bapuji is also connected to his followers through Facebook on his Facebook page “ Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel”.

Behad ka Parivaar

Transformation begins 2018. Transformation to the Infinity
# Bapuji is also connected to his followers through his Whatsapp group administered by his son Mr Anant Patel 9825157852

Paramshanti !!