Infinite Space and Everything within–By Bapuji
May 14,2018 | Bapuji Article Param Gyan


Let us now talk about the most important thing about the infinite of the infinite world. What exactly it is? The most basic question which people should be asking themselves is why is the science saying that the size of the universe is expanding? What is it made up of which makes it expand? Why is there a claim saying that “Andromeda galaxy” is going to clash with our galaxy? Why are black holes created in the first place? What is the meaning of white hole? And how is it that you can actually commute though a worm hole? When we talk about space, Dimension and magnitude or intensifying concepts like worm hole and black hole; which is far more that what science could predict or prove with the existing devices they have. This the place where we need to put in our mind and soul and try to go beyond that and try to see what exactly is out there. What is this infinite space consisting of? It’s not just one multiverse,it’s not just one solar system which we are talking about. It’s not just 1 or 2 galaxies which we are talking about. Even science has not been able to comprehend the complete picture as of today. They have just been able to make some assumptions based on the data they have gathered over the time. It’s very much necessary to correlate the data or claims given by the science and to combine it with the gyaan given by the Baapuji. Try to understand what exactly is the geography, the chemistry and the entire working of this infinite of the infinite. It’s simply not about one galaxy , for example how electromagnetic fields are created or how planetary composition is made or to know which other planet is more feasible for humans so that they can be send humans there when earth is about to get finished after 100 years( which is science’s assumption). That is something which will restrict your vision or your thought process to may be one solar system only or galaxy.To begin, yes it might act as a motivational factor for your thinking process. But to go ahead, is something which you should aspire for or aim for highest. Try and understand not only the galaxy not only the universe or not only the multiverse, but the everything of the infinite existence which is out there. This knowledge is been shared by our dearest, most generous and the limitless ocean of love our param param param Baapuji. “The Almighty himself”. To know about any information or, to say something on the knowledge or information, or to claim something or even to say that the knowledge given by some knowledgeable person is incorrect; there has to be sufficient valid data which proves your point or belief. My only request to all of you is, just to listen to it with an open mind. Try and understand, go dive deep into it. When the vision of your soul expands it’s the time when you start grasping the knowledge given by the supreme. In that consciousness you will know what you know is right or will depend on the capacity of your soul consciousness. That differs for every being, for every soul who would be reading to this supreme knowledge.We talk about different chemical reactions actions or different cosmic reactions happening across space. We talk about the correlation between space, speed and time. We talk about how time is different here on our planet as compared to how time differs when we go higher in the atmosphere or to different distances in space. What exactly makes all of this, and why is it different in different parts of space? Who controls it? Howit is even created in the first place? Can it be made by us? Are there any other controllers?
We have also come across the subject on Aliens. Half of the world doesn’t even believe that they exist. They are still awaiting for the strongest and firm evidence or proof to be given by science, so that they can believe. Apparently this data or information is still not 100% shared by the Science. Yes Aliens do exist. There are beings not only on this planet but there are beings, there are energies and there are species existing across different planets, different galaxies and different creations. Where ever there is a creation, there are beings. The question which will come to your mind now is ,are they like humans or are they like 3 elemental forms of Aliens or are they like in just 1 elemental form, which we also call it as ‘Niraakar’ in Indian scriptures? This differs from the environmental composition of the respective creation (the world in which they are). We need to think here how is all this created or what is the working principle of it. You need to ask yourself all this. Which you also need to seek. This supreme most information of the infinite is also shared by our Baapuji. To understand the basics of the basic of the space which you live in, to reach to the highest extent of this creation of the infinite, and also to understand the science behind it is what you need to know and aspire for.
Science is trying to research the device which can help to travel at the speed of light or beyond. The most important thing which humans are forgetting here is that, the fastest way to travel in space is through sankalpa(power of pure supreme thoughts). This information is mentioned in HinduVedas and scriptures, where it is mentioned by stating examples about Rishis travelling to different places through the speed of sankalpa. The power of sankalpa depends upon the power within that particular soul. If it is an infinite soul, then the speed of light is nothing as compared to its sankalpa speed. Our dearest Baapuji has also shared this knowledge on how to get power in sankalpa in this youtube link ( Something for all the readers to ponder upon.
Darwin’s theory says, “There was a big bang and then the entire creation came into existence”. Absolutely incorrect. Even science is saying that the creation doesn’t happen by any big bang. They are still try to understand the complete concept on ‘M Theory ‘and ‘String Theory’. Any creation which comes into existence has a structured formatted way of getting started. Because of having a structured process of creation it supports the formation of parallel universes, galaxies or multiverses. When the creator of a galaxy begins to create, at that instant simultaneously ‘n’ number of galaxies are created. These galaxies are parallel galaxies as the time of creation is same for all. If the creator wishes to create once again at a different time then all the galaxies created in the second time will all be parallel galaxies as they have the same time of creation. The beginning or the life span or the starting point or age of any creation depends on the time the creator starts to create that particular creation.
If that curiosity is within you and if that is the search you are seeking for, for them, all this information is readily available in the utube channels of Dashratbhai Patel , whom we also call with love as Baapuji -‘’. We also have many books on different topics on the infinite and its reality available on This knowledge is only for those seekers who are willing to cross their boundaries of mind, irrespective of the restrictions which their mind would impose on them when it comes to thinking and understanding all of this deep powerful knowledge. This knowledge is for those who are trying to reach the supreme, who somewhere know that he exists up there. There is a lot more than what these eyes can see. Those seekers are aware of it partially but not have been able to find the path to reach ‘The Supreme’. This supreme powerful and highest level of knowledge is for all of those seekers.