Bapuji on Five Elements (Tattvas)
May 14,2018 | Bapuji Article

Bapuji says that earlier there was Param Prakash or Divine Light. We may call it Supreme Divine Radiance. In the initial stage there were no elements or tattvas. Five elemaental beings came into existence later. Param Prakash is not an element but it is a pure energy. So, basically the Absolute Authority is made only of Param Prakash.

Vacuum is made of three elements – Space, Air and Fire. The Astral world is purely three elemental. Here Ether, Air and Fire have less and less of the Supreme Divine radiance. When we reach five elemental world, there is almost no Param Prakash. Akash Tattva or Ethereal element can be increased through meditation. When one has more Akash Tattva, people feel peace around that person. Their wishes can be fulfilled and a kind of tranquility prevails among them in the very presence of such a person.

To increase Akash Tattva, one has to go beyond the beyond and meditate. One must fill oneself with Light and believe that one is the spirit in the body and not body. One must focus in the body of Light within oneself. Then one must imagine that the Light Body is moving upwards, beyond Earth, beyond the milky way, beyond the galaxies and then to the main source. Then one would be in front of the GREAT FLAME.

When one gets the Divine light, Akash Tattva increases. One first leaves the Earth element behind, then water, then Fire and then Air. Finally one is filled with Vacuum or space or Akash Tattva. And if one keeps at it, one would even go beyond the Prime elements and be filled with Param Prakash.

Bapuji says that by meditating, one can bring about change in all creation and its, environment. If more and more people meditate this way, the entire cosmos can undergo positive change. If we change the atmosphere, the feelings and vibrations will also change soon. First of all, we have to change ourselves and then collectively emanate our positive vibrations on the entire cosmos. Then and then only, Param Param Sukh shanti (Supreme Divine peace) will prevail.

Mankind is not prepared for such a great revolution. Therefore we have to rely on 108 seed souls. When one dies, the person takes his experiences, distress and beliefs with him. If one is the follower of Jesus, one goes to that part of the spirit world where all lovers and followers of Jesus resides. He would sit there and spread the message of his Master or God.

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