Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel
May 14,2018 | Bapuji Article

Bapuji Dashrathbhai Atmaram Das Patel, lovingly and respectfully called “Bapuji” is one of the spiritual luminaries of modern times. As he shuns publicity and so-called Guruhood, may be many people do not know him or have heard of him. He is a true seeker of the truth and divine Absolute Knowledge. He lives the life of a recluse hermit without labeling himself as a Sanyasi. From his Childhood, he dreamt of changing the world and liberates it from the problems and sufferings. He not only read the Vedas and the Upnishads, but also astral science, modern para-normal psychology to broaden his vision and understanding. He read about other religions like Christianity, Islam, and Zoroastrianism to grasp the basic concept of these religions. His attitude is completely secular accepting the philosophy of “Sarva Dharma Sadbhava”. Divine knowledge is the characteristic of a yogi and his knowledge of the Infinite began to emerge in Bapuji. It was revelation of the Supreme knowledge that came gradually from the Almighty Authority. Almighty authority is the controller of the billions of multiverse. He always called himself the messenger of the Absolute authority and infinite knowledge. He also consider himself as “Vishwa Kalyankari” (World welfare agent) or “ Visha Sewadhari” ( the World Benefactor) soul.

For Bapuji “Yog” means “to be connected with the Almighty Authority”. He firmly holds that only soul can search Paramatma, Jeeva only revolves through the cycle of birth and death. Bapuji’s aim of life is to impart the divine knowledge to all souls and transform them to supreme souls through knowledge. To become supreme souls, one needs to have the knowledge of the Absolute Authority.

In 1997, Bapuji set up ashram In Chenpur village called “ Vishwa Parivartak Ishwariya Vidyalaya” (World changing Godly House of Learning). People started coming to him for Spiritual knowledge since 1997. He imparted the knowledge that he received during yoga and meditation. The infinite knowledge emerged within him in his meditative state.

Bapuji’s Philosophy / Discourses / Knowledge

Bapuji has talked about so many topics in his videos and books which he has attained in his meditative state. He could visualize the infinite visible world and the infinite worlds which is beyond to the beyond imaginations. He often talks about non-manifest worlds and its creations. He has covered many questions which has always creeping in the minds of highly spiritual beings-consciously or subconsciously. Through his divine intellectual he has answered to many hidden facts that talk about “Life after Death”, “Astral Projection”, “Discoveries and History of Science”, “Modern Science”, “Creation of the Universes”, “The World Cycle”, “Ancient Aliens”, “UFO Science and Technology”, “Elements have Memory”, “Healers and how they works”, “Secrets on Shiva”, “Hindu Mythology and God-Goddesses”, “Secret of Mediums”, “Future World”, “New Era and Transformation of the whole universe” and many more. For this you can visit Bapuji’s Official YouTube Channel –

Bapuji’s Life Purpose

Bapuji states that the Almighty Authority gives him vision and shows him all the infinite Boundless Universes. The Absolute Authority emerges the knowledge in Bapuji and shows him the stars, Galaxies, universes, multiverses and the world beyond to the beyond infinity. This is the reason what Bapuji want others to realize and vision through his knowledge becomes difficult to interpret and put in words. Bapuji always talks about Boundless (Behad) Universes and Boundless (Behad) Children who will bring change to the world through the power of Thoughts (Sankalpa) . Bapuji says that earlier there was Param Prakash or Divine Light. We may call it Supreme Divine Radiance. Initially at the beginning of the world, there were no elements (Tatvas). Five Elemental beings came into existence later. Earlier there was pure Energy. The Absolute Authority original form was made of Supreme Radiance.

Bapuji’s aim is to bring the same pure absolute energy to the Multiverse following down to the universes, galaxy, solar systems and further down to Earth. Bapuji has also explained us the significance of time. In which Era we are leading, and how would be the future world. By Complete Transformation Bapuji meant that there will be transformation of five Elements (Tatvas) to Superluminal elements. There will be no cycle of Life and Death. There will be no destruction (pralay) as it used to be according to our myths. There will be transformation.

Let this change in Revolution be a Complete Eternal Transformation!!