Which God is Yours
May 14,2018 | Bapuji Article

A person is never born fearful, he is made so by his well-wishers. Almost every child is taught to be like what his family’s religion is. A stamp, what makes him equivalent, loyal and respectful to those who #love him..! Nobody wait to ask that child, if he wants to be one of them. As a child I too used to think, if God is Ocean of Peace, Love & Purity then why He needs to scare, punish or kill somebody. Why would He cut his own Kid’s head on preventing him to enter his wife’s Private Chamber. Not even today anybody would do and that too returning after many years from Samadhi State. Which God is that who want us to behead an innocent animal for His Happiness?

Did God asked to do such Rituals or it is us who often misunderstands His word. The one who is known for His Greatness and Giving Nature, would He beg for any materialistic thing to quench His wants? I wonder if He really has any wants? Or its only our idea to please Him? Are we really what our religion explains about us ?

At 11, I used to think which religion does God belongs to ? In Bhagvad Geeta Lord Krishna says “If you believe me, you will come to me”. Similar things are written in Quran but in another way “Those who don’t go with the word of Allah, will be punished in Hell”. On the other hand Bible says “Only I can Liberate your Soul”. Guru Nanak the founder of Sikhism said “He lives inside you, experience Him within”. However, Buddha said “There is no God, its only You and You are your own God”. Every Religion say if one doesn’t follow its God, will be sent to Hell after he dies.

Ironically, Scriptures have made people pretty scared instead bringing them closer to God. Sometimes I ask myself who He really is ? Is He really what we portray about Him as God or do we worship Him in a partial fear..!

Love is not Fear..! Isn’t it ? What I really feel is, there is an immense need to know one’s own Higher Self. That’s possible only when one Meditates in Deep Silence. God might live v far away from our World but this distance is never too big in front of His immense Powers. Just call Him with Love but don’t associate your call with a list of wants and purposes. When your longing to meet Him is drenched completely with Love, He will Himself come at your doorstep.

Something like this happened to me too..! I read most of the Scriptures in the desire to reach Him. However, everytime I read a Scripture I felt more & more closer to Him. Although the events described in various Religious Scriptures are different but something was common in all Scriptures which was greatest of all to be with God. And that’s Love..! Love for our self, others and the Father can only make us reach up to His Supreme Abode.

Moreover, after meeting Bapuji DashrathBhai, I realize they were not just different Religious Scriptures instead they were steps of the Infinite Staircase that leads to the Highest Authority. These steps are referred to as various “Religious Scriptures” which forms links to go to the Final Original Abode of God. The only problem with Humans is they often misunderstand their respective Religious Scriptures as the First & Final Step to reach God’s Empire. However, I have realized that if Bhagvad is the First step then Bible is the Second, Quran is the Third, Guru Granth Sahib is the Fourth and so on up to the level of Infinite. Someone said “God is never bounded by any Religion, His Greatness can never be written in small book of 500 pages. He is beyond one’s Imagination & Belief System.

Bapuji has brought everyone to a same platform where one has to bypass all levels belief systems, laws & crush all limitations of the mind to become One with the Supreme Consciousness..! Bapuji’s way of connecting philosophies of different Religion Founders with Science and Spirituality has taken my Level of thinking to a place where I lose all my false identity build in life. I have rather got my Original Identity back from where I actually came and who I actually was. He says All Religions speak right but they talk about the Creators of those Universes from where each Religion Founder had come from.

Every Religion Founder had come from different Galaxies and Universes therefore they all talked about different beings and Heavens. There are many people on Earth who have come from other Dimensions and thus beliefs and thinking of people are different from each other. Their Creators are different and so they are. Bapuji’s philosophies has expanded ones mind to think up to an Infinite Level of Super Consciouness. He has given a new birth to all who come in touch with Him making them realize three things which are from which Creator one’s soul was born, from which Creator one’s Creator was born and who is the Highest Ultimate Creator of all Creators.

Feeling Amazed..? Think about it, Bapuji has all answers..!