What is more powerful Bhagya (भाग्य) or Karma (कर्म) ?
May 03,2018 | Bapuji Article

In spiritual journey many questions come across by the traveller in which Action or Karma (कर्म) is an important aspect and its relation with Fate/fortune or Bhagya (भाग्य) is also very important. In this physical world people come across many situations in day to day life where they have to take decision between choices which is also linked to their spiritual growth. Theory of Karma was elaborately described in Srimad Bhagwat Gita ( SBG) as this is directly affecting our material as well as spiritual growth. However great sage/saint you may be but slight mistake in taking decision in physical world will create disturbance in your physical as well as spiritual life. I am here explaining these aspects in detail w.r.t. knowledge already in Srimad Bhagawat Gita. How practical we should be when we approach a problem. For this details of Theory of Action/Karma must be understood.
The importance of Action/Karma is clear from thfollowing stanza of SBG i.e.

न हि कश्चित्क्षणमपि जातु तिष्ठत्यकर्मकृत् ।
कार्यते ह्यवशः कर्म सर्वः प्रकृतिजैर्गुणैः ॥ ३-५॥

One can not remain without engaging in activity at any time, even for a moment ; certainly all living entities are helplessly compelled to action by the qualities endowed by material nature/physical world.

In detail explanation of above it is stated here that all living beings which includes human species is helpless as they are compelled to do action. Action does not mean only physical action but your mental action like thinking, dreaming etc. Thinking process is continuously going on inside your mind only some are converted to physical action. Physical action is visisble to outside world but mental action is not visible to physical world. Non visible things like mental thoughts/dreams are called vibrations of each living being on earth. Here we take examples human species as they are called as advanced race on earth planet and mainly human race has capacity to control nature on earth. So most important thing is that even though we think ourselves most important species on earth still we are in helpless condition. In above stanza in SBG it is clearly stated that qaulities endowed by material nature is forcing to do action helplessly. What is this material nature? Which is so powerful that captured the human mind to force to do action helplessly? This is nothing but this physical or visible world and body consciousness of human being. So this body consciousness is more powerful which force human being to do action helplessly. In SBG , Arjuna the most competent warrior with so much concentration felt helpless so what about the human being in todays life without any moral value and ethics. Hence the situation we are facing in day to day life personally is due to helpless continuous action on individual basis. Similarly the situation we are facing collectively as a society or a country or whole world on earth is due to helpless continuous collective action as a group as a society or country or whole earth. The situation coming befor a person is called personal fate and situation coming before a group small or large is group fate e.g. a single person met an accident on the way to home is personal fate where as a region affected by earth quake and a lot of people subjected to death is collective fate. This fate is called bhagya. So Fate or Bhagya is the result of effect of continuous action or Karma done by an individual for individual fate or by a group for collective fate. Mostly we will discuss here individual action or Karma and individual Fate or Bhagya. When one understands action and fate on individual basis the same can extrpolated to collective action and fate. So action/Karma (कर्म) decides fate/ Bhagya (भाग्य) but reverse is not true. However one must take the oppotunity of Bhagya(भाग्य) /fate/fortune to create a better Bhagya(भाग्य) /fate/fortune.
Now it is pertinenet to explain why so imortant species is so helpless and forced to do action?This is a vast topic but this is explained breifly. My earlier writing on from MORTAL TO IMMORTAL I had explained all these aspects elaborately. Due to body/physical consciousness a person takes inputs from physical or visible world only which is at lower frequency such as desire, anger, greediness etc. So human thought becomes limited and he becomes insecure for his existence and just like other animal on earth he fights for his own existence. So it is written in SBG that he is helpless as his inputs and thoughts are limited to only physical existence only. So he is prone to commit mistakes. Here comes the role of spiritual science which takes a person to a realm beyond physical existence so he becomes connected to infinte and his thought resonates with highier frequency like love, peace,fearless etc. It is in our hand whether to connect to highier frequency or to lower frequency but for this deep spiritual knowledge is required. As fate/ Bhagya(भाग्य) is the outcome of action/ Karma (कर्म) so one must understand the theory of Action/Karma.

किं कर्म किमकर्मेति कवयोऽप्यत्र मोहिताः ।
तत्ते कर्म प्रवक्ष्यामि यज्ज्ञात्वा मोक्ष्यसेऽशुभात् ॥ ४-१६॥

Even the wise are bewildered in this matter of what is action and what is inaction, thus I shall explain unto the actions which knowing you will be liberated from all worldly misfortune.

कर्मणो ह्यपि बोद्धव्यं बोद्धव्यं च विकर्मणः ।
अकर्मणश्च बोद्धव्यं गहना कर्मणो गतिः ॥ ४-१७॥

The intricacies of action are very mysterious and hard to understand. Therefore one should understand properly what action is, what forbidden action is, and what inaction is.

So Karma is basically divided into three categories i.e. Action/Karma (कर्म) , Forbidden action /Vikarm(विकर्म), Inaction/ Akarma(अकर्म). In general action or karma is that type karma which gives happiness to others that is prescribed in our spiritual literatures, Forbidden action/Vikarma (विकर्म) which gives pain to others, and Inaction/Akarma which is neither good nor bad i.e it is duty one must discharge towards society selflessly. All our Sin (पाप) and Virtue (पुण्य) is based on these karma. SBG puts a lot of stress on inaction/akarm (अकर्म) i.e. to do ones duty selflessly i.e. without any personal interest. But in action/karm or forbidden action/ vikarm personal interest is involved thus these two types actions binds a soul to this physical world in the form of sin or virtue. In other word when a person engage in Action/ karma then his consciousness expands which is called virtue for e.g. feeding poor that indicates he has a feeling of pain of starvation in others. When a person engages in forbidden action/ vikarm then his consciousness contracts which is called sin e.g. abusing a poor man. i.e. the person does not have concern for others feeling. If an army officer fighting for his country kills the opponent to protect his country as a duty without any harsh or soft feeling regarding the opponent then it is called Inaction /‘Akarm’as he has no personal interest in this action. Action and forbidden action binds a soul to the result. But inaction/Akarm releases a soul from bondage of karm (कर्म). SBG advocates to do ‘Akarm’ so that all bondages in physical world be removed and a person can start his real spiritual journey in highier planes beyond the physical world. These examples are simple but one may ask many incidents which may be complicated in nature to take decision but the basic principle must be understood. The basic principle is given below

  1. The situation coming before anybody is the result of his actions only so only he is responsible for present fate/fortune so no other entity to be made scapegoat.
  2. The action which expands your consciousness is called virtue i.e Punya (पुण्य). Expanding consciousness means your thought is including the feelings /thought or existence of other living beings of creation including human being. So you become compassionate and understand others situation before doing any action. This is elaborated in our spiritual scriptures. With action you may lose materially but you will gain spiritually which is not visisble but it gives you tremendous inner peace, happiness. This is the Action/Karma (कर्म).
  3. The action which contracts your consciousness is called sin i.e. paap(पाप). Contracting consciousness means you are not thinking beyond yor existence so you are least bothered for others feeling, existence so your action can hurt anybody for your ego satisfaction. With forbidden action you may gain materially but it you will lose spiritually as it gives you feeling of depression, anger, jealosy etc. This is forbidden action/ Vikarm(विकर्म)
  4. The action which is done as a duty without any material or spiritual gain is called inaction. It is done by highly evolved souls to clear their Karmic debts i.e past debts in terms of karma. Here the person is having a deep understanding of theory karma and spiritual matter and he fully understood that the situation or person coming before him is only due to his past actions in many births so he will do only his duty without going into paap or punya which creates further karmic debt.This type of karma may lead to material loss or gain but they are indifferent to it. Inaction is for release from this net of physical world.This is inaction/Akarm(अकर्म)

It we look into classification of karma how they operate in life of a human being on this earth plane then it is three types:- ‘Sanchit karma (संचित कर्म), Prarabdh (प्रारब्ध ), Kriyaman karma (क्रियमान कर्म). Sanchit karma is that which has been stored in the soul for a longtime (may be from the time of origin of soul) in dormant state but not effecting the present life. This is like fixed deposit in a bank of your karmic accounts. So store of karma may be actions/ karmas (पुण्य) , or forbidden actions/vikarma(पाप) which have been accumulated over in many births in past.
Prarabdh is the situation which is effecting your present life i.e. today’s fate or present fortune. This is nothing but some of stored past actions from your fixed deposit of your karmic account i.e. from Sanchit karma is maturing now. If the karma (पुण्य) as explained above is maturing them it creates pleasant condition in present situation. It the vikarm (forbidden action) (पाप) is maturing than it creates unpleasant condition in present situation. So based on this we face situation on earth plane. This is what is called Bhagya (भाग्य) or Prarabdh (प्रारब्ध )
Kiyaman karma is the action or karma a person is doing at present situation/condition or now as per the free will or past bindings. So at present as per free will a person he can do karma, vikarma or akarma. If he engages in karma or vikarma it will be recorded in his soul for future as sanchit karma and the soul has to borne again and again to repay the karmic bindings stored/accumulated as sanchit karma. Till the sanchit karma is not exhausted from the recording of the soul, the soul has to come on earth to repay the debts. If a person is doing inaction/akarma then he is clearing all his karmic bindings on earth plane so he is paving the way for not to born again on this earth as he is exhausting the karmic account i.e sanchit karma. Depending on the knowledge of soul he resorts to action or forbidden action which automatically binds him to continue on this earth plane indefinitely. Physics has law every action has equal and opposite reaction. This is the law of nature. Till the magnitude of action is not exhausted the person has to born on earth to take the reactions of his past actions. The timing of reaction for an action is a mystery as explained above i.e. when the stored or sanchit karma (संचित कर्म) will mature into present situation i.e. prarabdh is decided by the nature or prakruti (प्रकृति). In Newton’s law i.e. every action has equal and opposite reaction, here time is instantaneous but in human life time is decided by nature or Prakruti.
That’s why it is told that cycle of karma is a deep mystery to unravel that’s why it is told in SBG that even wise also bewildered by the cycle of karma. It is found that nobody has memory of his past life he had already lived in this plane or any other plane. But present condition or prarabdh is created by his stored past action i.e. sanchit karama. So verybody has only option is to react to present condition which is nothing but new action for future. So every reaction at present is stored as action for future. So this forms a vicious cycle. It seems everybody is helpless in the cycle of karma. That’s why it is told in SBG that all living entities are helplessly compelled to do action continuously. Due to above theory a person who was happy some day before in unhappy today. Such conflicting situation arrives in the life of each person in cyclic manner and he helplessly drowned in the mysterious cycle of karma.
In order to escape from unpleasant condition people resort to many type of worship of deities/ gods, planets or go to many Gurus/Masters, persons with psychic power. But if one applies one’s knowledge who can change/erase the recording of the karma from one’s soul which is continuously recorded in every micro second. If one goes much deeper, then it is also told that every thought generated in the mind is an action or karma. To think in an action and every thought in mind is recorded as stored action i.e. sanchit karma. One must think before thinking. At appropriative time and condition the stored action fructifies to prarabdh. Taking above facts into account, resorting to any method as given above will not change the course of cycle of karma. A soul himself creates all situation for himself based on his own recording then how a third party like any deities/god, planet or spiritual master, Gurus or person with psychic power can change the situation for the soul.
In our day to day life many people worship various planets, specific deities. Sometime people go to some spiritual master/Guru for respite from bad situations. But it is found that people lose money and time but condition remains the same. Nobody can change the law of nature so how can the deities/gods, planets, spiritual guru, master or person with psychic power can change it. Rather they worsen the situation by adding more negative action. It is also informed that all these Gurus, or spiritual masters are bound by the law of karma so they are also not able to escape the cycle of birth and death so how can they help you.
So how can a person escape the cycle of karma? First a person should understand his situation and be patient that situation he is facing today is only due his past action only. As he is responsible for his present situation/suffering he has to bear it. So bearing patiently, the reaction will end at its own time. By reacting in irrational manner to any situation creates further bindings for future. Second a person turns towards the authority that can change the law of nature. So who can change the law of nature? It is only who created nature. The creator only has the authority to change his creation. The almighty authority i.e. the father on infinity (Behad ka Baap) has only capacity to change or modify the law of nature as he is the creator of the nature. One must strive to connect with the father of infinity i.e. almighty authority to get any relaxation or exemption from the cycle of karmic record. Like in physical world if one has connection with Prime Minister the ruler of this country then he will get special treatment even if he entangled in any legal problem in this country. Similarly one must connect to the owner or ruler of infinity i.e. (Behad ka Malik) to escape from the bondage of karmic cycle. In earlier articles it has already been explained what yog/connection means? Earlier articles/blogs may be referred for better understanding.

Please watch youtube video for better clarification https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKv6AL-b-XU.

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