Hidden Secrets of ‘Countless Unified Fields
May 03,2018 | 108 seed souls

Unified field theory is an attempt in Particle Physics, to describe all fundamental forces and the relationships between elementary particles in terms of a Single Theoretical Framework. Forces means the fields that mediate interactions between separate objects.
Modern Science has explored deeper levels of reality for fundamental space time scale starting from Macroscopic level getting on to the Molecular, Atomic, Nulcear, Sub-Nuclear Level to the Electroweak Unified Field Theory to Grand Unification and now Super-Unification. Super-Unification is when all forces of nature including Electromagnetism, Gravity, Radioactivity, Nuclear Forces become one (@ Supersymmetric Level). Apart from that all particles become Unified in a Single Universal Unified Field of Intelligence at the Origin of the Universe at the basis of Space & Time.
As per Scientists this UF is beyond matter however, the materialistic world stops at the atomic level. Sub-nuclear particles like quarks, leptons, photons are not particles at all. They are expressions of intelligence and vibrational modes of the UF. UF is not a dead intelligence but its a Dynamic, Self Interacting & Self Aware Intelligence. Now, Physicists have really probed beyond the limits of matter and are into the exploration of the Fundamental Intelligence that gave birth to the Universe i.e. the Fundamental Intelligence that governs the Universe.
Our True self is our Deep Inner Self, The Field of Consciousness, the ‘I’ within all of us that which experiences, knows, sees beyond mind, intellect & emotion. This pure consciousness within is the UF, now being explored by Physics. From the Ocean of UF Consciousness swells up waves of Individual Consciousness. From Indivual Consciousness comes Ego and from Ego comes indvidual mind, individual senses, individual body. Individuality is just a localized wave on the Universal Ocean of Consciousness/Being.
However, long before in Vedic Tradition people have talked about the techniques of meditation that takes our awareness so deep that our Inner Universal Silent Self is opened to Direct Experience.
For Years Physicists like Einstein, Maxwell, Glashow, Weinberg, Salam, John Haghelin, Michio Kaku, Brian Greene have re-searched for an all-encompassing UFT (Theory of Everything) that describes all forces of nature. Motto of this UFT is to provide such a formulation to provide answers to all mysteries of the Universe including Creation itself.
Bapuji DashrathBhai Patel unravels the truth and explains that Scientists have just oberved 156 Billion Light Years of the Universe. It is just a single dot as compared to the Total Universe. However, Bapuji explains that there are other countless Universes too, which have their respective UFs with a Consciuosness of the level of Param MahaShiva, The Creator of one Universe.
Bapuji explains that Param MahaShiva is actually that level of Consciousness which Governs the Universe. Beyond Universes are Great Universes which are controlled by Param-Param MahaShiva, A consciousness higher than Param MahaShiv. Going beyond we will find Multiverses made of innumerable Greater Universes. Interestingly, the Creator of Multiverses have a Consciousness Superior and much More Powerful than the Greater Universe level.
Bapuji clarifies that only our Multiverse is made up of Matter which is Perishable in Nature. Although, other Multiverses are created with Indestructible Supreme Elements by their respective Creators named as (Param)500 MahaShiva. The degree of Param denotes the Power of the Consciousness that created a type of Cosmos.
If we take a block of wood(matter) and we cut it into smaller pieces we’ll get the Molecules, then Atoms (which makes a Molecule). Further digging into atoms we’ll observe Electrons. Electrons are in Quantum Clouds around the Nucleus, which itself has Protons and Neutrons. Inside Protons & Neutrons there are smaller particles called Quarks.
Fascinatingly, the String Theory if we look much more deeper inside Electrons, Protons, Neutrons, Quarks & Leptons we’ll find a little tiny String like Filament. It is a Vibrating Energy which is vibrating at different Frequencies producing different matter particles accordingly. It is analogus to a violin whose string produces different musical notes at different Vibrationg Frequencies. For e.g. one vibration of the string causes birth of an Electron, two vibrations forms protons and so on. Hence, Scientists are proposing this hypothetical phenomenon of strings vibrating at different frequencies, forming different types of Matter & Fields with which the Universe is made up of.
Bapuji says that Creators of Solar Systems, Galaxies, Universes and beyond sits in their respective Incorporeal Planes (Paramdham) where no presence of matter is there. However, the Unified Field (Consciousness / Paramatma) of our Multiverse (vibrates at a level which generates Destructible World of Matter. Our Multiverse means the COSMOS that contains our Universe, Galaxy & Solar System. According to Bapuji’s Divine Experiences in his Samadhi State he unwinds the secrets and eluidate that one should know for which Level of Consciousness he should meditate upon. “Because if one connects himself to the Consciousness that creates Matter then his consciousness will be programmed to take birth in the Materialistic World and fall into the cycle of Birth & Death again. At the UF both Atma and Paramatma becomes one subjected to the type of UF or Paramatma we are talking about. Paramatma of Universe, Multiverse or the Infinite Indestructible Supreme Abode. When Atma realizes the True Creator it unifies with Him and attains Liberation.”
Hence, in Bapuji’s Divine Knowledge there are as many Unified Fields as the Creators are. Bapuji’s talks about “The Super Infinite Immortal Self Manifested Unified Field / Almighty Authority” which we should meditate upon to get rid of the Cycle of Death & Birth and attain Jeevan Mukti. Our Atma / Higher Self unifies only with the Unified Field on which it meditates upon.
Though Scientists are endeavouring to solve the mysteries of Universe but their reach is still very far beneath the Invisible Multiverses and The Ultimate Infinite Unified Field Consciousness which Bapuji is talking about.