Concept of Quantum Entanglement from the Divine Eyes of Bapuji
May 03,2018 | Bapuji Article

Quantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual objects may be spatially separated. This leads to correlations between observable physical properties of the systems. Bapuji explains that relation between the Creator and its Creation is INSEPARABLE. He says wherever The Creator may be, Its Creation will always feel & experience a deep & subtle connection with Him. There are ‘Myriads of Creators’ who created ‘Different Worlds & Dimensions’ at ‘Different Energy Levels’. Some have Created Solar Systems, Some are owners of Galaxies, Some have manifested Universes and Some gave birth to Multiverses and beyond.
Bapuji unravels the secrets of ‘Different Creations & their RESPECTIVE Creators’ beautifully. When the Power of a Creator REDUCES, the Entropy of the ‘System of a Creation’ increases. Thereby, causing huge Disorder in the Environment and Spiritual State of Beings created by the Creator itself.
Since, the Creation has come out of the Creator hence, being child, the Creation always weeps and calls for its Creator, in grief. It wants to re-unite with its Father (Its Creator) to get re-energize with the Power they had at its Origin.
The Creation always comes in the affect of its Creator. Bapuji says when Creator loses its Power, the chaos in its Creation (Environment & Beings) starts happening. The positive and negative effect of the Creator is always felt by its Creation and vice-versa, ‘irrespective of the distance between the Creator & its Creation’. This is Quantum Entanglement which states the inseparable relation between Creation and its Creator. When the powers of Lord Shiva(Creator of one Solar System) gets finished upon completion of Brahma’s 100 years, Shiva enters into Sun and produces gruesome Fire and ABSORBS whole Creation into Himself and becomes a black hole. To re-gain its power, it enters MahaShiva, its Creator. Only due to Quantum Entanglement, Shiva goes to its Father MahaShiva (Creator of countless Shivas) to get back His Powers again.
Though We all are somehow Connected to the Final Almighty Authority but Bapuji UNVEILS the Secrets that “Souls remember only its Creator whether its Shiva, MahaShiva or ParamMahashiva and so forth”, due to the recording in its memory since the time of its Creation. Souls were created at different levels by different Creators. Suppose, if about 30 crore souls have come out of a Creator. Though they are now separate physically but they all are connected to each other at a Quantum level. Hence, one’s state will surely affects another irrespective of the physical distance between them.
Unaccountably Old-Knowledge in Vedas, also shows many instances that depicts Quantum Entanglement in a more easier way to understand. For instance, Thoughts and Spiritual State of a Mother always affect the Spiritual and Mental condition of her Child. Even if she dies, her Soul’s energies (Negative or Positive) will always the child.
Hence, If the Creator is Happy its Creation will be happy too. If the thoughts of Creator are Destructive and Fearful then its Creation will always live in fear and spread fear amongst others too. The Negativity will always lead to “Chaos and Destruction”. Similarly, If the Creation meditates for Destruction then its vibes reaches its Creator too. If Creator doesn’t have power to transform the negativity of its Creation then it has no other option to blow up everything to construct all once again.
Recently, Scientists have experimented(on similar DNA) by making a mother and son sitting in two different buildings and conducting brain scan on each of them. They were asked to think something based on certain common inputs. Miraculously, a similar picture of what the mother & son thought emerged on the Screen. Amazing part was the communication transfer was faster than the Speed of Light.
Scientists have proven Creation & its Creator are entangled at the most subtle level (far beyond Plank Scale) that each of them can never escape from other’s effect. If the Creator is Peaceful, Happy & Positive the same effect will be felt by its Creation (Souls & Environment). And the same is true vice-versa. Hence, If we know the state of Creator we can know the state of its Creation irrespective of the physical distance between the two.
Bapuji unveils deeper secrets that the Souls from other Dimensions (Galaxies, Universes & Multiverse) travel to other dimensions too. They have memories recorded in their Soul about their Creator and Origin. In case they enter into a Solar System from another Universe or Galaxy and if the condition of that Solar System is miserable and on the verge of getting destroyed by its Creator, Shiva. Then, by realizing and meditating upon their Original Creator, who lives in higher dimensions and is highly powerful than Shiva, the souls can easily go to their ORIGINAL HOME without getting swallowed up by Shiva(Creator of Solar System). Similarly, when one realizes The Infinite Indestructible Almighty Authority, he can attain Jeevan-Mukti i.e. Attaining Liberation without Destroying Soul’s EXISTENCE. This implies that whenever the Creation is in pain, it calls its Father and He sends inspiration either through Corporeal or Incorporeal means to remind the souls about their Original Identity and True Abode.
Bapuji unwinds the Truth that there are few special souls 108, 16000, 9lac who had been sent to Earth for its betterment. However, all their efforts went invain due to dense and low power 5 elemental World. Now, all of them are crying out of immense pain of this Cyclic and Destructible World. Who knows ! We can be one of those souls. What do you think ? Bapuji says if one realises the Truth of The Infinite Immortal Creations by Final Authority, he will loose all his interest in this Destructible Illusionary World of 5 Elements. This True-Knowledge will only be relaized by those souls who the Almighty Authority have created Himself. Since, these souls have the fragment of Supreme Element in them and memories of their Real Creator, they can emerge their Powers by meditating upon the Final Authority and go back to Inexterminable True Abode. This will happen due to Quantum Entanglement of Souls with their Creator.
He ilucidates that the special souls who had been controlling myriad Universes & Multiverses and Created other Souls, have lost their powers now. That’s why they are receiving negative vibrations of pain and grief from its Creation, which has damaged their Causal Body greatly. Hence, they feel pain, depression and distress most of the times without knowing the reason. Bapuji says this is because their creation is entangled with them at an Incorporeal Quantum level that is bothering them deeply.
Therefore, if we want to nullify this negative effect coming from our Creation then we have to meditate upon the Final Authority (Creator of Special Souls and The Infinite Creation). Because now only He has the Powers to Consummate Negativity and Establish Peace & Positvity among the souls and TRANSFORM the Destructible Painful ‘WORLDS’ into Indestructible Divine ‘PARADISE’.
Param Shanti